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Multiple scripts

Script-specific variable axes can apply sensible modifications to particular scripts.

An ideal platform for multiple script fonts would, among other things, include a registered optical-size axis, and allow individual parameters of scripts (parameters that would have otherwise been designed under pressure to conform to a single font family) to vary according to the needs of the readers of a particular script. With variable-font technology, optical sizes are a registered axis; with other axes, a single file can provide for a script being used either alone or in combination with other scripts in the font, by programming parameters that can be adjusted among the scripts.

Here, Roboto Delta is adjusted to imitate the characteristics of various world scripts

  • The more things change the more different they look. Remembrance, The important thing is to keep your eyes open. —James Madison 1806
  • थे मोरे थिंग्स चेंज थे मोरे डिफरेंट Remembrance थे लुक. थे इम्पोर्टेन्ट थिंग इस तो कीप योर आईज ओपन. —James Madison 1806
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